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 HomeGuardian works with you to maintain your independence, security, and wellbeing. With the Home Care Package (HCP) and Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), you can have access to our assistive monitoring devices and ongoing services with no out of pocket expense.

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Step 1. Our team will draft an application on behalf of your Care Provider for FREE.

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Step 2. HomeGuardian’s specialists have a 100% funding application approval rate to date!

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Step 3. Once approved, we deliver HomeGuardian to your address. So unpack, and relax!

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Independence, security & wellbeing

HomeGuardian smart care device constatntly monitors and alerts for unseen falls, cries for help, absence and wandering, a decline in health and changes in behaviour. Most importantly, in the crucial time of the pandemic, it helps detect flu-like symptoms early. The assistive technology device is 100% private and secure: no images, screenshots or footage are sent outside your home.

Fall and incident detection and automatic escalation in under 2 seconds after the incident.
Assists with early detection of flu-like symptoms and abnormal behaviour.

100% approval rate to date!

With HCP/CHSP funding, there’s no out of pocket expense to you, and no time required as we will draft the application for you. In addition, there is no obligation to continue using the technology after the funding expires (12 months).

The funding is above any current package spend, regardless of unused funds or not
HomeGuardian is also available under NDIS funding, Home Care Package, traditional CHSP funding.
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HomeGuardian automatically detect falls, incidents and illness symptoms

HomeGuardian is a device that monitors and alerts for unseen falls, absence and wandering, a decline in health and changes in the behaviour of older people. Most importantly, in the crucial time of the pandemic, it helps detect flu-like symptoms early.

My Aged Care Eligibility Request & Application Form

We are here to support senior Australians during this difficult pandemic year.

Apply now, and HomeGuardian will assist you with your application and will prepare a submission for you as soon as possible.

  • Aged Care Participant Information

  • Your HCP/CHSP Information

  • Your Aged Care ID number begins with the letters AC, followed by 8 digits.
  • Please enter the organisation that is providing your HCP/CHSP services.
  • Full name required. This is your assigned person who handles your care from your HCP/CHSP provider.
  • A valid email address is required.
  • If approved, where should we deliver your HomeGuardian?

  • IMPORTANT: HomeGuardian device will be delivered to this address
  • Would you like us to submit a Consumer Directed Care request on your behalf?

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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