Amber’s story

HoemGuardian device in a home next to a plant. Logos show the device has won 2 Australian Brand Awards for New Product Innovation and Tech Innovation

When Amber was at home alone one night, she didn’t realise that she would be in

How alcohol affects your fall risk

2 glasses of white wine on a wooden table. A bottle of white wine can be seen in the background

Studies show that seniors are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol. Make sure you’re aware of exactly how alcohol works in the body, so ‘a few’ doesn’t turn into a fall these holidays.

The ultimate fall facts sheet – 2023 edition

Falls are Australia’s largest contributor to hospitalised injuries and a leading cause of death – take the first step to addressing your fall risk by understanding how common falls really are.

5 ways you can address your fear of falling

Worried woman lying on a couch with a fan

Did you know a fear of falling can actually increase your overall fall risk? If you’re afraid of falling, take a look at our comprehensive guide and take the first steps toward addressing your fear.