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CHSP Funding Program | HomeGuardian

Funding programme

Fully Funded For CHSP clients

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We Help You Live Independently and Safely

 HomeGuardian work with you to maintain your independence, security, and wellbeing. With the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, you can have access to our assistive monitoring devices and ongoing services with no out of pocket expense.

We have a 100% funding application approval rate to date

Our internal team draft applications on care providers behalf

We make this whole process as hands off as possible for you

Independence, Security & Wellbeing device monitors and alerts for unseen falls, cries for help, absence and wandering, decline in health and changes in behaviour – but most importantly – COVID-19 and other illness symptoms. The device process all alerts on itself, with no images sent outside of your home.

Fall and incident detection and automatic escalation within seconds
Assisting with early detection of flu like illnesses and COVID-19 symptoms

100% Approval Rate To Date

With this funding, there’s no out of pocket expense to you, and no time required as we will draft the application for you. There is no obligation to continue using the technology after the funding expires (12 months).

The funding is above any current package spend, regardless of unused funds or not
HomeGuardian is also normally supplied under: Home Care Packages, NDIS Funding, Traditional CHSP Funding.
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We Are Here For You

We are here to support senior Australians during this difficult pandemic season. Get in touch with our team now so we can prepare your submission as soon as possible.

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