ABA100® Winner


ABA100® Winner

HomeGuardian has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Tech Innovation and New Product Innovation in The Australian Brand Awards 2020. The Australian Brand Award for New Product Innovation [NEW] recognises innovative consumer products recently launched to market offering a point of difference from their competitors.

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Media Release: 

HomeGuardian.ai is an Australian company that has created a patented artificial intelligence device offering world-first incident detection technology and behavioural analysis. Kane Sajdak is the co-founder and CEO of HomeGuardian.ai and has worked with a team of developers and technology experts to make the device a reality. Mr Sajdak is also the director of multi-award-winning IT service provider and digital transformation firm BITS Technology Group.

Similar in size to a small portable speaker, the HomeGuardian device uses sensors to monitor the interaction of objects and people within its surroundings and alerts carers or family members if a fall occurs or other abnormal behaviour is detected. The purpose of the device is to streamline alert processes for aged care, disability, hospital and childcare sectors, enhance the wellbeing of users, minimising the risk and damage of falls and ultimately – save lives.

HomeGuardian.ai has patented the device and the artificial intelligence under the hood, which offers a new level of sophistication for incident detection technology. The device’s ability to track objects without saving or sending images or video aims to revolutionise the aged care, disability, hospital and childcare sectors.

HomeGuardian is a hands-free, non-wearable device that sits in the room and monitors for falls, abnormal behaviour or interaction and incidents. The device does not record or store any information making it the first device of its kind to offer its user full privacy.

HomeGuardian uses sensors to monitor the interaction of objects and people within its surroundings and alerts carers or family members if a fall or abnormal behaviour occurs. The patented AI has been taught what normal behaviour is and what isn’t normal. For instance, it is normal to lay on a bed but not to lay on the ground.

The device is the perfect union of cutting-edge technology and practical, real world application. It can allow people to live independently, provide care providers with the best-in-class incident detection technology. People living alone, the elderly, aged care facilities, hospitals and people with disabilities are among those who can benefit from HomeGuardian. The ease of installation being ‘plug-and-go’ is unique for falls detection devices and services.