HomeGuardian set to disrupt care sector


HomeGuardian set to disrupt care sector

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It was there I first learned about Home Guardian, an Australian company with a very simple system that has the potential to revolutionise the aged care, disability and hospital sectors.

Using a world-first artificial intelligence device, Home Guardian uses sensors to monitor movement. Its single-minded job is to alert carers or family members if an unexplained fall occurs.

The AI inside Home Guardian is trained in advance.  Without even being connected to the internet, it knows how to identify objects in a room, what normal behaviour and interaction is, and most importantly, what isn’t normal.

Once abnormal interaction or behaviour is detected, it alerts a loved one, carer or nurse via text message – all without compromising the user’s privacy.

Because no images are sent outside the user’s home, and no internet is required, Home Guardian is able to do its job without ever needing to consult an external server. Without ever needing to risk your privacy.