The secure in-home device for fall and incident detection


The secure in-home device for fall and incident detection

While everyone’s life follows a different path, most people want the choice to be able to live independently at their own home. But illness, accidents or other unexpected things can sometimes make it unsafe or difficult to live independently without some assistance.

Here’s the story of our customer Matthew, a volunteer firefighter whose livelihood has been severely impacted by trauma, pain and anxiety, and how HomeGuardian, the secure in-home device for fall and incident detection, has been able to seamlessly slot into his life and allow him to continue to safely live at home.


Matthew is a former volunteer firefighter with the SES. After being trapped and later rescued from a blaze, as well as experiencing distressing incidents working in the security industry, Matthew now lives with severe trauma, pain and anxiety.

His medications can cause dizzy spells as well as tiredness and fatigue, particularly after hot showers, which can then cause him to fall. Matthew lives alone in rural Victoria and in the case of a fall, if he can’t reach something to pull himself up, he needs assistance, and needs a way to call for help.


In the past, Matthew has relied on either using his phone or a smartwatch to contact someone if he falls, but these are not always within reach, or Matthew sometimes forgets to charge his watch. Plus there is the risk his devices could get broken in a fall. Matthew also has a service dog, a golden retriever who is trained to get his phone if needed, but recently she has sometimes mistaken the air conditioner remote for the phone and fetched that instead.

Matthew heard about HomeGuardian through a friend, who had bought the device for his own mother, and decided to order his own device. He was attracted to the fact that HomeGuardian can detect when something is wrong and send an alert without him having to reach a device and do it himself.

Home Guardian Device is the secure in-home device for fall and incident detection


HomeGuardian is an in-home device that provides fall and incident detection.

Fall and Incident Detection
HomeGuardian uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence assistive technology to monitor for and detect unseen falls, absence and wandering, a decline in health and changes in behaviour.

Detects Flu-Like Symptoms. HomeGuardian can also assist with the early detection and proactive management of flu-like symptoms, including coughing, which is important during the current pandemic.

Private and Secure. HomeGuardian uses the most advanced privacy technology of its kind and all alerts are processed on the device itself, meaning no image or footage is sent outside your home, so you can feel safe knowing your information is private and secure.

Movement and Behaviour. HomeGuardian tracks movement and behaviour change over time, learning your movements so it can understand your usual patterns, allowing it to provide unparalleled preventative care if it detects something is wrong.

“If it’s an emergency, and I need help, rather than contacting emergency services to pick me up off the floor, HomeGuardian will alert somebody that something’s wrong so they can come and help me up.” – Matthew

Automatic Escalation. In the case HomeGuardian detects something is wrong, the device alerts your chosen emergency contacts, whether it’s carers, family members, neighbours or friends, within seconds.

Easy to Install. HomeGuardian is simple to install and get working, with no cabling or complicated installation required. Instead, you just need to plug the device into a power outlet and connect to your home internet network or mobile 4G*.

*HomeGuardian requires an active internet connection and wireless network. There is also an optional mobile 3G/4G/5G service available separately for purchase.


Depending on your eligibility, you may be able to get HomeGuardian with no out of pocket expenses. You may be eligible if you:

Click through to the relevant link to check your eligibility, and we can guide you through the application process!


HomeGuardian allows you to live independently for longer, stay safe, and get the assistance you need, when you need it.

To find out more about HomeGuardian or order your own device, get in touch via 1300 248 324 or [email protected]