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Residential Aged Care

Residential aged care

Your entire care facility status at a glance

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HomeGuardian can be fully funded for 12 months

For each bed in your Residential Aged Care facility. This includes a HomeGuardian care assistive device and 12 month’s monitoring fees. This is part of an Australian Federal Government initiative to promote innovation in Aged Care and to improve care.

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Dramatically increase the level of care

HomeGuardian can detect and prevent falls, elder abuse and OH&S issues and enables you to dramatically increase the level of care while improving nursing and business efficiencies.

Allows your care support staff to manage and respond to incidents in seconds, when and where they are needed most.

Flexible management of incident alerts for your facility

You can manage incident alerts through the HomeGuardian facility management dashboard, existing nurse call, via SMS and more.

Improved communication to families of those in your care

You can easily and quickly keep the families of those in your care notified in the event something does happen. Either complimentary or as an on charge to families, with this becoming an additional revenue stream for you.

Reduce administration overheads and improve business efficiencies

HomeGuardian will help reduce administration overheads through access to automated reporting and business intelligence, meaning nurses can get back to caring for your residents.

Meet and exceed the Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards

HomeGuardian will ensure you meet and exceed the Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards and will address the issues raised by the Royal Commission.

Highly advanced features built in to create better than humanly possible care 24/7

Fall and Incident Detection

HomeGuardian is an artificial intelligence assistive technology device that provides fall and incident detection technology that saves lives.

Detects COVID-19 symptoms and onset of other flu like illnesses

Assisting with early detection and proactive management.

Automatic Escalation

HomeGuardian can alert care support staff, along with loved ones and family, with automatic escalation of falls or incidents within seconds, there is no reliance on emergency buttons requiring activiation.

Private and secure

HomeGuardian is the only technology in the world that enables this level of care while being 100% private and secure – processing all alerts on the device itself, with no images sent outside your facility.

Easy to install

HomeGuardian is easy to install – no cabling, no internet or expensive installation required. Simply plug the device into power, in a good vantage point and let it help provide a higher level of care than ever before.

Tracks movement and behaviour changes

HomeGuardian can track movement and behaviour changes over time allowing for preventative care that has never been seen before.

HomeGuardian Difference

HomeGuardian was designed in conjunction with the Aged Care Industry, Elderly Technology Acceptance Specialists and the Elderly themselves to offer a sophisticated but simple and easy to use solution that provides better than humanly possible care. PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) Movement (PIR) Sensors
Fall detection done done close
Automatic escalation of fall or incident to support people done close close
No need for human activation of emergency button done close close
No buttons to press. Nothing to remember to wear. done close close
Can detect COVID-19 symptoms and the onset of other flu like illnesses done close close
Inbuilt Internet done close close
No need for installation or cabling done done close

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