How to stay fall-safe while on holiday

Holidays are a fantastic way to take a break, rest, recharge, and unwind. 

Although holidays are intended to give you a break from your usual routine, unfortunately you can’t take a holiday away from your health – particularly if your fall risk is high.

Whether you’re in the car, in the caravan, on a plane, or on a cruise, your risk of falling is the same as it was at home.

Here are some tips to ensure your trip isn’t ruined by a fall:

  • If you’re travelling by caravan
    Make sure the steps in and out of the caravan are sturdy with a good, solid handrail.
    Remember, even a pulled muscle can increase your fall risk so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re hooking the caravan onto the car!
  • When staying in a hotel
    Make sure the path between the bed and the bathroom is clear so you don’t trip over any suitcases or backpacks in the night! It’s always great to ensure your luggage has wheels so you don’t have to strain yourself carrying bags as well.
  • If you’re cruising
    Remember that the decks can be slippery, and ensure any handrails you use aren’t wobbly. If the boat is swaying and you get dizzy, take a seat straight away. The cruise staff are there to help, so if you’re feeling a bit wobbly, don’t be afraid to speak up.
  • Keeping safe on a road trip
    Regular stops to stretch your legs will keep the blood flowing and reduce the risk of cramping. Ensuring your concentration isn’t compromised is a huge part of fall prevention as well, so ensure that you don’t drive for long enough that your attention is compromised when you get out of the car.
  • Catching a plane
    Store your carry-on in the overhead lockers so you don’t risk tripping over it on a bathroom trip. Even on short flights, its always a good idea to stretch your legs frequently. Being on a plane can certainly dehydrate you, so ensure you’re hydrated through the flight.

Overall, being aware of your surroundings, listening to your body and resting when needed will pay off in the long run!

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