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5 FREE downloadable phone backgrounds

The holidays are hard for some, and with the new year on the horizon, it’s common to feel slightly lost or confused.

For us, it’s a perfect opportunity to remind you how incredible you are. 

So, if you find yourself looking for inspiration this time of year, feel free to download our 5 FREE desktop and phone backgrounds.

No matter your mood, we’re hoping you can find a background to suit. There are 5 options available:

Click the below images to download our backgrounds. They are 16:9 ratio, meaning they’ll sit well on any smart phone. 


1. For when you’re feeling lost

Pink flowers on a pink background with white text reading "slow down, breathe deep, take time"

2. For when you’re lacking inspiration

Photo of the Northern Lights morphing into a sky of stars with white text on the foreground that reads "today I will"

3. For when you need a reminder of your potential

Colourful background that reads "Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional."

4. When you want to celebrate life.

Sunrise image that has images showing the text 'today is a good day'

5. For when you’re feeling self-conscious

Pastel background with text reading 'slow progress is still progress;

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