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Frequently asked questions

Does HomeGuardian.ai require installation?

HomeGuardian is easy to install – no cabling or expensive installation required. Simply plug the device into power, connect to wifi* and place in a good vantage point to see the room it’s currently monitoring.


* HomeGuardian requires an active internet connection & wifi. No internet at home? That’s ok – we also have an optional mobile 4G service available separately for purchase.

Can HomeGuardian.ai be wall or roof mounted?

Yes, HomeGuardian.ai can be wall or roof mounted and has a universal mounting screw thread in the bottom of the device. Wall/Roof mounts will need to be purchased separately.

What does the ongoing monitoring fee cover?

The monitoring fee covers the cost of the in-built 3G/4G/5G internet connection, along with the continual updates to our artificial intelligence – as it progressively gets better, your device gets upgraded automatically. It also ensures your device is being monitored 24/7 and alerts are automatically escalated upon incident detection.

Is there any minimum contract term?

Yes, your initial HomeGuardian.ai contract is set up for a minimum of 12-months.

What happens at the end of my contract term?

You automatically roll into a month to month contract until we receive written notice you no longer want to use the device.

Does HomeGuardian.ai come with a warranty?

Yes, for as long as you are in an active contract term, if there is a fault with the device, we will swap it for a new one.

How many HomeGuardian.ai devices do you recommend for a standard house?

We recommend a minimum of 1 device for the Bedroom or Living room, with most houses not requiring more than 3x devices to be effective (Bedroom, Bathroom and Loungeroom).

Do I need to purchase all the devices at once?

No, you can add additional devices as required.

What sort of behaviours can be detected?

Fall detection, OH&S obstacle detection, presence detection, people count, absence detection, out of the ordinary behaviour detection, symptom detection (COVID-19, flu like illnesses).

Does the device send or store any photos, videos, or other personally identifiable data?

No, HomeGuardian.ai only processes what is happening in its surroundings, and reacts accordingly.

How do I know if the device is plugged in correctly?

On the front of the HomeGuardian.ai device, below the circular sensor is a status light. If the light is purple, it is operational, and no issues or alerts are currently detected.

Do I need to use any additional technology to send an alert when I fall, such as a duress button?

No, HomeGuardian.ai will automatically escalate an alert (via SMS) to the emergency contacts you nominate if a fall or incident is detected.

Are there any additional costs beyond the device cost and monthly monitoring fee?

No, the device has all costs built into the monthly monitoring fee.

Who configures the device initially with my emergency contacts etc?

HomeGuardian.ai comes pre-configured out of the box. When registering and activating the device on the user portal (www.homeguardian.ai/register), alert information and user information will be requested.

What happens if there is a blackout for an extended period?

The HomeGuardian.ai device does not operate without power, so should there be a blackout for an extended period it will not function. Once power is re-instated the device will automatically start operating again.

What happens if I go away with family or to hospital for a period, how do I put the device on hold?

As the device is on an ongoing subscription with an active always internet connection built in, we cannot pause the service, although you always have the option of taking your HomeGuardian.ai device with you to a different location.

What happens if young children visit and are laying on the floor?

There is the option to put the device “to sleep” when grandkids or other visitors are in your home. This is by default set to an 1hr however this can be configured to as little or as long as you like.

What happens if I lie down on the floor to pick up a remote control from under the couch?

There is the option to tell the device you are ok, upon notification of an identified incident. You can do this by nominating yourself as a primary emergency contact. We recommend this practice for those who can use a mobile phone, as it will allow for easier handling of false positives in the event you are on the ground by your own choosing.

If I don’t have any family or next of kin, who can receive my incident alerts?

Alerts can be fielded by your care provider of choice, or, by a 3rd party monitoring provider. We can recommend some options if this is of interest. There would be an additional cost for this service.

Who can I call for support?

Please call 1300 248 324 and press the option for Support. You will be able to speak directly to one of the friendly HomeGuardian.ai team members.

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