Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about HomeGuardian


From technical specifications to pricing, caring for your device and everything in between – HomeGuardian’s Frequently Asked Questions have you covered. Should you have additional questions, or if you’d prefer to speak to a member of HomeGuardian’s Care team, call us on 1300 248 324, or request a call here.

Buyer’s Advice

How many HomeGuardian devices do you recommend for a standard house?

We recommend a minimum of one device. Most houses should not require more than three devices* to be effective. For example, we recommend placing HomeGuardian in the bedroom, living room and other most frequently used areas of the house. 

*Note that HomeGuardian’s User Portal allows a maximum of five devices per home.

Who can receive my incident alerts if I don’t have any family or next of kin?

Alerts can be fielded by your care provider of choice or a local third-party monitoring service (subject to an additional cost).  Please call us on 1300 248 324 for more information.


Does the device send or store any photos, videos, or other personally identifiable data?

No. HomeGuardian only processes what is happening in its surroundings in real-time and reacts accordingly.  No images or videos are taken, stored, sent or shared by the device – even in the event of incident detection.  You can learn more about how we handle your private information by viewing our Privacy Policy.

Do I need to use any additional technology to send an alert when I fall, such as a duress button?

No. HomeGuardian will automatically escalate an alert to your nominated emergency contacts if a fall or incident is detected. There’s no need to activate anything, press duress buttons or use voice commands. You have the option to add the HomeGuardian SOS Button to your home if you choose to also have a portable duress alarm on hand.

Do I need to purchase all the devices at once?

No. It is not necessary to purchase multiple devices at once. You can add more units as required. However, we recommend you consider covering the frequented areas of your home with HomeGuardian to ensure the best possible results.

Where can I find my HomeGuardian Welcome Letter?

Your HomeGuardian Welcome Letter can be found in the HomeGuardian box upon arrival. If you have ordered multiple HomeGuardian devices, please ensure you check all boxes for the letter prior to beginning the installation and registration process. 

Can HomeGuardian be wall or roof mounted?

HomeGuardian can only be mounted on the wall, roof mounting is not appropriate for our device. The device has a standard 1/4″ mounting screw hole on the bottom to attach to most wall mounts, but the device must remain in an upright position. It is recommended that the device is angled for adequate results. Wall mounts are sold separately. If you’d like to arrange a wall mount for your device, please call our team on 1300 248 324.

During an incident, how will I know the device is working?

Once HomeGuardian has detected a potential incident, such as a fall, the device’s status light will change from Purple to Red. It will also assess your environment to ensure it doesn’t create a false alarm. Then, the device has confirmed the incident and is ready to automatically raise an alert with your emergency contacts. The device may also announce that it has detected an incident.  You are also able to raise an alert manually if needed, by using the HomeGuardian app, the SOS Button button* or User Portal.
*The SOS Button button is sold separately. 

Which areas will HomeGuardian monitor in my room?

The HomeGuardian device will detect objects between 30 centimetres (11.8 inches) and 6 metres (19.6 feet) from the device.

What do I need to make HomeGuardian work?

HomeGuardian requires NBN internet and Wi-Fi, as well as an Australian power point to operate. The HomeGuardian requires consistent and uninterrupted internet and power to operate. Hotspotting or using a dongle for internet will unfortunately not allow HomeGuardian to work as intended.



Are there any additional costs beyond the device cost and monthly monitoring fee?

No. The price for HomeGuardian includes the device and a 12-month User Portal subscription fee for incident monitoring and alerts.  Should you wish to purchase additional products from HomeGuardian.AI, our Customer Support team will discuss pricing options with you based on your selection. Please call 1300 248 324 or email us at [email protected]. 

What does the ongoing monitoring fee cover?

The monitoring fee covers uninterrupted incident monitoring, remote device maintenance, and continual updates to our artificial intelligence. As our technology progressively gets better, your device will get upgraded automatically (no need to remember to do it yourself).  The monitoring fee also ensures your alerts are automatically escalated upon incident detection. As a HomeGuardian customer, you will also have access to a secure User Portal where you can manage your emergency contacts and device preferences. 

Is there any minimum contract term?

Yes. The initial HomeGuardian contract is set up for a 12-month period.

What happens at the end of my contract term?

At the end of your contract term, you will automatically roll into a month-to-month contract. If you no longer wish to use the device at the end of your contract term, please send us a written notice and our team will help to amend your contract. 

How much does the SOS Button Cost?

The SOS Button can be purchased either singularly, or in packs of three. Enterprise solutions are also available. To check the latest SOS Button pricing, please contact us on 1300 248 324.

Does the User Portal cost money?

No, the User Portal is free to use, and access to the portal is covered in your subscription fee.

HomeGuardian Device

Where should I put HomeGuardian?

It’s better to place the HomeGuardian device in a frequently used area in your home, in a vantage point that lets it view the entire room. We recommend positioning the device approximately 1.5 metres (4.9 feet) off the floor but no lower than 1 metre (3.2 feet) from the floor It is important that your HomeGuardian device is not obstructed by furniture, placed in front of a mirror, or in a space where it may get wet. Your HomeGuardian requires power to operate, so we also advise securing the power cord after installation to ensure there is no risk of an accidental unplug.

What happens if I go away with family or to the hospital for a period, how do I put the device on hold?

Your HomeGuardian device utilises an ongoing subscription requiring an always-active internet connection.  Due to this, we are unable to pause your service.  However, you always have the option to take your HomeGuardian with you on holiday or to the hospital, or simply resume using it once you return home.

What happens if there is a blackout for an extended period?

The HomeGuardian device requires power and NBN internet Wi-Fi to operate, so if there is a blackout for an extended period, the device will not function.  Once power is re-instated the device will automatically start operating again.

What happens if I lie down on the floor to exercise or pick up a remote control from under the couch?

There is the option to tell the device that you are OK.  Simply nominate yourself as a primary emergency contact to resolve any false alert notifications without notifying other emergency contacts.  We recommend this practice for those who can use a mobile phone, as it will allow for easier handling of false positives in the event you are on the ground by your own choosing.

What happens if young children visit and are lying on the floor?

There is the option to put the device in Sleep Mode when grandkids or other visitors are in your home to avoid false alarms.  This is by default set to 15 minutes, which can be turned on in the User Portal.

What do the lights on my device mean?

HomeGuardian has a status light on the front panel of the device. Each colour indicates a different state in the setting-up and monitoring process.

  • Purple. Your device actively monitors the area and operates normally. 
  • Blue. Your device is asleep or starting up.
  • Red. The device has confirmed a possible incident, and has raised an alarm to your nominated emergency contacts. The red status light will remain active until the alarm is cleared (this can be done when help arrives).
  • White. The device is undergoing a regular system check. (This light should only be seen upon device startup. However if the light changes to white unexpectedly, note that monitoring has stopped – please call 1300 248 324.)
  • Flashing White. The device is searching for Wi-Fi or a QR code.
  • Yellow. The device is experiencing a system error and monitoring is paused. Please contact support on 1300 248 324.
  • Green. HomeGuardian has successfully scanned a QR code. 
  • Red lights around the circular sensor. Night vision has been activated and the device is operating in a dark area.

Can I move my device?

Yes. You can reposition or move your HomeGuardian device, but it’s important that you reboot it each time you do so. This will enable artificial intelligence to reassess its new surroundings. You can reboot your device by disconnecting the power for 10 seconds and reconnecting it.

How much internet data does HomeGuardian use?

Each HomeGuardian device uses approximately 5GB of data per month. 

How can I care for my HomeGuardian?

We recommend dusting the unit with a dry microfibre duster. Please note that HomeGuardian is not waterproof, and we strongly advise against using wet cloths, chemicals, or cleaning sprays on the unit.

HomeGuardian SOS Button

How do I create an alert with my SOS Button?

To send an alert to your nominated emergency contacts, press the SOS Button until you hear the tactile confirmation and a “click” sound. You will also see a small red light shining above the HomeGuardian logo. Pressing the SOS Button once will alert your emergency contacts. You will see a small light shine on the device and hear a tactful clicking sound when the device has been pressed successfully.

Can I swim with my SOS Button?

No. While the SOS Button is waterproof to splashes and steam, it cannot be fully submerged in water. The SOS Button is safe to install on a shower wall (away from direct water flow), but cannot be submerged in a bath, spa or pool. If you are swimming, we recommend keeping your SOS Button nearby in a dry location.

Is the SOS Button secure?

Yes. The SOS Button operates on a secure network and does not hold any personal data. The SOS Button also does not have any cameras or microphones. When activated, the SOS Button will only send an alert to your nominated emergency contacts and no one else.

Will the SOS Button work in the dark?

As long as your HomeGuardian device is plugged in and fully operational (you will see a purple light on the front panel of the HomeGuardian device), your SOS Button will work. The HomeGuardian device does not operate without power, so if there is a blackout for an extended period, the HomeGuardian device and the SOS Button will not function. Once power is reinstated the HomeGuardian and the SOS Button will automatically start operating again.

HomeGuardian User Portal

How do I register the device and assign my emergency contacts?

You can register your HomeGuardian device and assign emergency contacts on the User Portal. When you receive the HomeGuardian device, you’ll be provided with a unique Username and Password to access the User Portal. Upon your first login, you’ll be asked to register your device by entering the device’s ID code (which can be found on the back of the unit) and your unique login details. You will then be prompted to enter the details of your emergency contacts. These can be changed at any time in the User Portal. The HomeGuardian User Portal can be accessed at HomeGuardian – User Portal.

How do I log in to the User Portal?

  • On computer: 
    Head to and click on ‘User Portal Login’ on the top-right of the screen. Or alternatively go to You’ll then be prompted to log in using the credentials supplied to you in your HomeGuardian Welcome Letter.
  • On phone: 
    Download the HomeGuardian app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play storeYou’ll then be prompted to log in using the credentials supplied to you in your HomeGuardian Welcome Letter.

How do I set my emergency contacts?

Click the side menu ☰ in the User Portal or app and navigate to “Emergency Contacts”.  You’ll then see 3 boxes where you can enter this information as prompted. Click ‘Update’ when you’ve entered these details.

Can I change my emergency contacts?

Yes, you can change your Emergency Contacts at any time by clicking the side menu ☰ in the User Portal or app and clicking on “Emergency Contacts”.

What information can I access on the User Portal?

You can view your device’s status, previous alert records and trends, alerts, emergency contacts, your profile information, Wi-Fi connection, and your subscription plan on the User Portal.

What do the symbols next to my Device Status mean in the Portal?

  • Tick symbol: Your device is fully functional and running optimally. 
  • Lightning symbol: Your device is disconnected and is not currently operating. (Check if your device is plugged in.)
  • Exclamation symbol: Your device is currently in an alarm state and is notifying yourself or loved ones that it’s detected an issue.

Can I raise a manual incident alert in the User Portal?

Yes, when you log in to the User Portal or app, you’ll notice a big red button that says “I need help, alert emergency contacts.” Pressing this button will create an alert.

How can I tell which device is which on the User Portal? 

When you click on the “Devices” tab in the User Portal, you’ll be able to see each of your devices. If you click on the devices in this screen you will be redirected to a page which lets you name each device. We recommend naming them based on their location (i.e. Living Room, Bedroom etc.)

Can I use the User Portal if I don’t have a HomeGuardian device?

If you do not have login credentials, you will not be able to use the portal without registering a new device & subscription.

Can anyone else access my User Portal data?

The data in your User Portal is secure. We recommend keeping your login details secret and in a secure place so that no one is able to access the portal using your logins.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget or lose your login details, please call us on 1300 248 324 and we will be able to assist you. 


I was given a used HomeGuardian. How can I change registration for my use?

To get a device’s registration amended, please call us on 1300 248 324. Transferring your device’s registration does not cost anything, however please note a current monitoring subscription will be required to continue using the HomeGuardian. 

Does HomeGuardian come with a warranty?

Yes. For as long as you are in an active contract term, your HomeGuardian is covered under our Warranty Policy. You can find more details on our Warranty Policy here: HomeGuardian Refund and Warranty Policy.

Who can I contact for support?

 Please call 1300 248 324 and press the option for Support. You will be able to speak directly to one of the friendly HomeGuardian team members. You can also contact [email protected] if you’d prefer to get in touch via email. Or, you can request for us to contact you here: Contact form.