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HomeGuardian exists to make care better than humanly possible for those who need it most.

Through our world-first, artificial intelligence care assistive device, we can support people to live independently for longer, provide care providers with the best incident detection technology in the world, and save lives.

HomeGuardian was developed in conjunction with the Aged Care Industry, Elderly Technology Acceptance Specialists, and the Elderly themselves to create a sophisticated but easy-to-use AI assistive care solution.

The device’s neutral and non-clinical design allows the device to fit seamlessly into any home’s interior design scheme. With muted slate hues and a wood-look finish, the device’s sleek aesthetic will not look out of place.

HomeGuardian’s sizing was carefully considered in production. The unit is about the size of a standard flower vase, meaning you’ll know it’s there, but it won’t draw the eye for the wrong reasons.

How the AI works to automatically identify falls in the home

HomeGuardian’s patented Artificial Intelligence allows the device to learn about your environment – the device knows what’s normal, and more importantly what’s not normal. When HomeGuardian’s AI detects that something is wrong (like if you have a fall), it will automatically escalate an alert within 2 seconds of incident detection.

World-first assistive technology that is saving lives

100% secure room-view lens

Private circular sensor with absolutely NO imagery or video storage or sharing.

Soft-touch front exterior

Lightweight fabric facade with eye-catching slate colouring.

Patented Artificial Intelligence monitoring

World-first assistive technology device utilising AI monitoring and alerts.

Easy-clean wood-look exterior

Unique stained wood-look outer walls that are easy to maintain.

Seamless installation

One power cord and simple self-installation process.

Lightweight design

Easy-lift 1kg device design that won’t weigh down your shelves.

Technical Specifications

What’s in the Box

Photo of the HomeGuardian device, quick start guide, tripod, charger and charging cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

HomeGuardian is a world-first Artificial Intelligence technology that monitors and alerts for unseen falls in both a home and in-care environment. The device is suitable for over 65’s, and people with disabilities.

We recommend a minimum of one device. Most houses should not require more than three devices to be effective. For example, we recommend placing HomeGuardian in the bedroom, living room and other most frequently used areas of the house.

Yes. The initial HomeGuardian contract is set up for a 12-month period.

Yes. HomeGuardian only processes what is happening in its surroundings in real-time, and reacts accordingly. No images or videos are taken, stored, sent or shared by the device – even in the event of incident detection. 

No, HomeGuardian will escalate an alert to the emergency contact/s you nominate if a fall or incident is detected. The alert is automatically sent within 2 seconds of incident detection.

HomeGuardian’s Artificial Intelligence is optimised to detect what is and isn’t normal. If the device senses something has happened, like a fall for example, the device’s status light will turn red, and the device will automatically send an alert to your selected emergency contact/s.

Yes. HomeGuardian can be mounted on the wall or roof. The device has a universal mounting screw thread at the bottom which can be used to achieve this. Wall and roof mounts are sold separately. If you’d like to arrange a wall or roof mount for your device, please call our team on 1300 248 324.

Yes. Setting up a HomeGuardian device is simple and does not require multiple cords, or cabling.

To install HomeGuardian, simply follow 3 easy steps:

  • Position HomeGuardian in a good vantage point in your home.
  • Plug the device into the power and connect the device to Wi-Fi*.
  • Once the status light changes to Purple, the device is operational and has begun monitoring.
HomeGuardian is able to arrange in-home installation for some customers. Call our friendly team on 1300 248 324 for more information.

The HomeGuardian device will detect objects between 30 centimetres (11.8 inches) and 6 metres (19.6 feet) from the device.

Please call 1300 248 324 and press the option for Support. You will be able to speak directly to our friendly Care team. You can also contact care@HomeGuardian if you’d prefer to get in touch via email.

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