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We make providing care for the Aged Care and Disability industry simply better

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An innovative solution for the Disability and Aged Care Support & Independence

HomeGuardian has developed a solution that significantly improves the safety and independence of the ageing population and participants living with disability.

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In the next 30 years Australia will have over 1.4 million more people aged 85+

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By 2047, there will be a 100% increase in the number of people receiving care

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350,000 workers are currently in the aged care sector

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Half of which will be retired in the next 15 years

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There is a caregiver crisis, where the demand for carers is increasingly outweighing the supply.

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Australia’s rapidly ageing population are wanting to live independently longer but concerns around safety and wellbeing mean this isn’t always possible.
80% of older people would prefer to age in their own homes, yet only 20% do
Family caregiving can place a strain on relationships, and can have physical, emotional, and financial consequences.
Australians want ‘active ageing’ with an emphasis on improving the quality of life as we age

The fall statistics globally indicate that more people die annually from a fall than drug use. Of those who fall, over 60% cannot get up by themselves and over 30% are left lying on the floor for over an hour injured, crying, bleeding or dying.

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30% of adults over 65 experience at least one fall per year

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Falls account for 40% of injury-related deaths

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48% of older people fear they will fall again after an incident

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The major reason for admission into Aged Care is as a result of a traumatic incident, such as a fall

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When an older person falls, their hospital stay is almost twice that of older patients who are admitted for any other reason

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Falls are the leading cause of hospital admissions over 65+


HomeGuardian was designed in conjunction with the Aged Care Industry, Elderly Technology Acceptance Specialists and the Elderly themselves to offer a sophisticated but simple and easy to use solution that provides better than humanly possible care.

HomeGuardian PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) Movement (PIR) Sensors
Fall detection done done close
Automatic escalation of fall or incident to support people done close close
No need for human activation of emergency button done close close
No buttons to press. Nothing to remember to wear. done close close
Can detect COVID-19 symptoms and the onset of other flu like illnesses done close close
Inbuilt Internet (4G) done close close
No need for installation or cabling done done close

* HomeGuardian requires an active internet connection & wifi. No internet at home? That’s ok – we also have an optional mobile 4G service available separately for purchase.

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